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"Lina combines everything you need to have both a great experience working with an interior designer, and a great product. She is attentive, attuned, and takes the time to understand your personal aesthetic  and your family's functional needs - and she is so knowledgable. Being a city dweller, Lina also knows how to work with challenging configurations of space.  I learned so much about design working with her and look forward to working with her on future projects."

Dr. Daphne Anshel PhD




"I worked with Lina during our post-Sandy renovation.  We added a new kitchen upstairs in our home and completely re-styled our ground floor.  In addition to the design skills that she brings to the table, she is a complete pleasure to work with – I found her to be responsive, available and able to meet deadlines, which is so important in a renovation.  She did a terrific job of hearing me – both from a budget and style perspective - and was able to steer me to the products and materials (countertops, tile, flooring, lighting, etc.) that all worked together so well!  The end result is stunning – I do a happy dance every time I walk into my kitchen!"  

Kim Demopolous, Executive at UBS Financial





"Lina is one of the most qualified professionals I have worked with. Her vision and ability to accomplish it, is testament to her dedication to what she does best.  She was an essential player on my projects and a pleasure to work with, for myself, the team and the clients.  I would recommend Lina to anyone who is looking for a designer who can think out of the box and who is looking for innovative solutions."  

Lisbeth Mendizabal, Architect RA




"Lina is an imaginative and energetic interior designer whose services have completely transformed many of the public areas at The Rockefeller University, including spaces on the university campus, and in its' many off-site residential buildings.  Lina was instantly responsive to the challenges at Rockefeller:  a tableaux consisting of phenomenal modern architecture and remnants of original specimen furnishings from the late 1950's and early 1960's - but all of it left abandoned and in fragments.  Lina knew that the first step in developing solutions for each of the 20 or so important interiors she has renovated for the University was to clarify optimal uses within each of the spaces, removing elements that created ill-defined uses and adding dramatic, focused design elements that are terrifically functional and durable, but that create sculptural statements that help bridge the University's past - the substantial commitment to design embodied in its' Harrison, Abramovitz and Kingsland buildings and vintage Knoll furnishings - with its' present, a vibrant community that makes heavy use of its' public spaces and appreciates the return of both aesthetic vitality and functional definition that Lina has contributed."

 David S. Soles, former VP of Housing, The Rockefeller University




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